Monday, September 5, 2011

Something to make one's piecing life easier!!

 Hello People!!!  I feels so behind the times, because I am only now getting myself prepared to start some Farmers Wife quilt blocks.  Many of you have been making them for ages.  I want to show you what some of the ladies from our quilt store have done.  I have shamelessly copied their great idea and made some design boards to facilitate the block construction.
 What you will need is a foam core board, cotton batting or flannel, some scrapbook paper, and lastly some duct tape.  Cut the foam core board into 10 by 10 inch squares.  Place some scrapbook paper on the back of the board and your cotton batting or flannel on the front of the board.  Adhere all the layers together with duct tape.  Mine is cute Zebra stripes!!!  It comes in many colors etc.  What you have now is a beautiful board that you can place your cut block pieces onto without them sliding around.  You can get six boards from one foam core board.  You can cut out six blocks and have them stacked one on top of the other to take to your sewing machine, and the order of the pieces will not become jumbled and chaotic.
See!!!  Works like a charm!  Till next time stay well and happy!!!