Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Bit of This and That!

We have been in our new home for a month now and are settling in very well.  I am loving living in the country.  We are unpacked and making the house a home.  We arrived in New Hampshire and it was winter.  So much has changed in a month!  Spring has sprung and the first sign of spring are these lovely daffodils.  So vibrant and yellow!
 I have been yearning to get back into the sewing room and I have managed a few small things.  This is a pattern from the Moda Candy books.  I just felt like making a small quilt.  The top is done and is waiting for me to quilt it.
I have done a few more blocks on my leader ender project.  Each block has 100 1 inch blocks in it.  I'm onto row two and I am excited to see how colorful it is.
 Some tulips from the garden!  Such a pretty color.
 A new centerpiece for the new kitchen table.  I love this pattern and have made five or six different seasonal centerpieces using this pattern which appeared a couple of years ago in a "Quilts and More" magazine.   The old kitchen table is in my sewing room and I am loving the huge workspace.  Hopefully I am back in the swing of things and will be blogging regularly again.  Take care and thanks for stopping by.