Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Ornaments!

Every year I make a few ornaments for the Christmas trees. I have fun picking the ornament to make each year. Sometimes it is hard to find the one that snaps my socks, but this year there are many that I want to make.  This one is called the Prairie Point Star christmas ornament.  It is so much fun to make.  You can use charm squares or any 5" squares that you cut yourself.  The tutorial is at
As I live in a colder climate (where it has not snowed yet this winter), I decided some crocheted snowflakes would look lovely in the tree.
I have been trawling Pinterest and there are many free patterns to be found.  I love the crocheted chart.  There are many patterns with a chart of how to make them.
Wouldn't an entire tree full of these look wonderful?  I wish I could wave the magic wand and have them appear!  Do you make Christmas decorations for your tree too?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Bit of this and a Bit of That!

I am working on so many things at the moment!  I have added a few more flowers to the batik Pop of Color quilt.  I so enjoy adding a flower when I have a few spare moments.  I have hung the quilt and just take it down to take up to the sewing room for adding a flower or two.  
I am making an scrappy hexagon afghan with left over bits of yarn.  They are all the same weight so the scraps work well.  I am also getting to use up those tiny balls of leftovers at the end of a skein of yarn.
I am currently doing an "Attic 24"  Cal.  It is a courthouse steps style block and is crocheted.  Instead of light and dark colors, the pattern is being worked in warm and cool colors.  The right side of the block still needs one strip added to it.  I am patiently (not so much) waiting for the ball of yarn to arrive.  
A couple of months ago I started making placemats for Thanksgiving.  I got them pieced and then they took a backseat in the sewing room.  Well guess what???  Next week is Thanksgiving.  EEEEKKKK, I have gotten a move on and quilted six of them and bound five.  One more left to bind.  I also made matching mug rugs with smaller tumblers and they are quilted and are awaiting binding too.  I have been a busy girl.  Did I mention I am painting my sons bedroom because he comes home on Friday for Thanksgiving.  I may post a picture or two.  It was a yucky beige color and now is a gorgeous blue with grey undertones.  Very fresh!

Friday, November 13, 2015

A Pop off Color.

Last weekend I went to A Quilters Gathering Quilt show in Manchester, New Hampshire. There were many lovely quilts to see and lots of vendors too.  I bought a few patterns and just had to start on one the minute I got home. It is so colorful and lovely.  The first order of business was to pull a variety of green fabrics from my batik stash.  90 four and a half inch blocks were cut.  Then I stitched them together in rows of 9.  I made ten rows.
Next up was quilting and binding after attaching a one and a half inch border.  I quilted it by stitching in the ditch.  The quilt is "complete" in this photo.  Now for the fun.....
Lots of petals had to be made and I am still busy with petal construction.  They are made with two fabric each.  Each flower has four petals.  So, that means 360 petals.  Whew....
Here are a few sets with the final stages of prep done.
Next you position four petals onto a block of the completed quilt and stitch them down.  At the intersection you add a button once the stitching is done.  Isn't it wonderful.  I am using lots of bright colors and making a flower garden.  I apologize for the orientation of a few of the photos.  Sometimes technology hates me.  I could not get them to cooperate.  I am off to sew some more flowers onto my quilt.  I will show updated photos.  Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for visiting.