Thursday, January 26, 2017

En Provence progress!

I saw that block six was up on Lisa Bongean's website yesterday, so I quickly got stuck in and pieced it.  I am really enjoying making these little blocks.

It is almost February - the month of LOVE, so I decided to crochet a few hearts to hang on my holiday tree.  Yup, I could not put that last little tree away so I have dubbed it the "seasonal tree".  It is full of hearts and adds a little sparkle to the dark winter nights.  

Look at En Provence!  I am beyond excited with the progress here.  Half the quilt is pieced.  The rows are made but not put together.  Today I will be working on some more rows.  I am excited to get this quilt put together.

Happy stitching and thank you for visiting.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sew Along!

Lisa Bongean is hosting a sew Along of 16 half triangle square blocks.  I love half triangle squares.  So, I decided to follow along. 

I apologize for neglecting to rotate these images before posting them.  I am making a blue and neutral quilt (because I love two color quilts and I don't have one with blue and neutral)

I am using triangle paper to piece the blocks.  Lisa Bongean sells papers that fit on charm squares.  You get 8 blocks out of one sheet.  So two sheets of triangle paper for one block.  They work up in no time at all.

Here is the latest one and again, sorry for not rotating the photo.  I wish it was easy to do on Blogger.  

I can't wait for the next block.   You can find the patterns at

Have a lovely day.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Working on 52 hexies!

I taught the 52 hexies at my LQS and everything was moving along well until we moved to another state.  The project got shelved.  A sweet friend of mine took over teaching the class and then her project ground to a halt too.

So we decided to work on our project together by making a block every two weeks until we are done.

She is further along than I am so I am playing a bit of catchup.  Look at this block!  24 Pieces!  It took me a few hours to piece it together.

So then I jumped ahead a bit in numerical order to find this glorious 5 Piece block!  

Thanks Ellyn for putting a spark under me and getting the momentum going on this lovely project.  Sometimes accountability is just what one needs.  Tell somebody about your sewing goals.  It might just give you the nudge you were looking for.  
Happy quilting.