Sunday, September 17, 2017

Little Baskets!

I started a basket project many years ago.  I think it was my first applique project.  Of course it ended up in the UFO pile.  Well, I am happy to announce it came out to play and has had a major growth spurt. 

After making many baskets, I thought I would lay them out to see how big it was getting.  Hmmm, halfway done.  Still loving the appliquéing of these baskets I carried on churning them out.

Yup, still growing.  I think I have around 20 baskets left to make.  Totally doable.  I am thinking of putting a border down two sides for some vine and flower appliqué.  Still to be determined though.  I am so happy that this project has come out of hiding.  I am enjoying it like a new project.  

I had to get a picture of this little guy.  He is as big as my thumb nail and very camera shy!  Lol.  So cute though.

Have a happy week and thank you for stopping by to visit.  


Thursday, August 24, 2017

More leftover half square triangles!

I had a baggie of trimmed snowballed corners which I had stitched together.  In an endeavor to clear off my sewing table a bit, I decided to piece them into a tablerunner.   I am so glad I did.  I now have another patriotic decoration!!!

I was getting behind on my mini dresden BOM too.  So I stitched up July and love how bright and sweet it is.

My son moved out in May as he graduated college and found an awesome job in Charleston.  I have slowly been changing his room into a guest room.  I have a patriotic/ beach theme going on in there.  Prompted by the blue color on the walls.  I have been eyeing out this whale shelf for months at Hobby Lobby.  I found it in the clearance section for $11 a few weeks ago.  I could not pass it up.  I just need to put some goodies in it.  Love, love, love my whale.

My washer broke two weeks ago - in the middle of a load of bedding!  I had to carry the bedding upstairs to rinse out in the bath and drag it downstairs again to go and hang outside to dry.  What a mission.  But it was all worth it as I now own this set of beauties.  I love a front loader and they work so wonderfully well.

Thank you for stopping by.
Until next time, happy stitching.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Completed Table Runner!

I started this table runner in June.  It is a free pattern posted by Jedicraftgirl and Gigisthimble.  They do a 5 Fat Quarter free quilt pattern at the beginning of every month.  

I love these patriotic pineapples and pinwheels.  The quilt is in a 3 x 3 configuration.  I made some extra blocks for the runner.

Of course I still have to quilt the 3 x 3 configuration quilt.  I love how this runner turned out.  It is long and has presence on my dining room table.

I cross-hatched the pineapples and did an all over meander with stars in the background fabric.

I thank you for visiting.
Have a lovely day.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The New Hexagon Quilt.

I started this quilt about 3 years ago.  I taught it at my LQS!  Then we moved and the project ground to a halt.  My friend Ellyn from Ellyn's Place took over teaching in my stead.  Somehow we both stalled on this project.  That is, until this year.  We vowed to get it done and motivate each other in the process.  We agreed to make a block every two weeks. 

I was further behind on the project than Ellyn, so I threw in an extra block every now and then.

I have been traveling too so I had to play catch-up!

I have started sewing my rows together.  This is row one and two which are joined.  I am so thrilled at how easily these rows come together and how easy it is to join the rows.  I place them and then use a binding clip at the intersection of the two blocks to hold everything in place while I whip stitch.
I have to give Ellyn a shout-out for being such a wonderful motivator.  Her top is put together and she is at the border stage.  I would never have made it this far without being accountable to her.  

I am loving this project with all it's fussy cut loveliness.  

Thank you for visiting.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Patriotic Mini!

I have been home for a week from my second set of travels for this year.  First week was a sewing retreat with my bestie and the second week was hanging out with family for my first grandsons baptism. 
While on retreat I was standing in line to pay at a quilt store and saw the cutest Mini Quilt.  I decided to start it at retreat.

I used fusible web and hand blanket stitched around the stars.

I stitched in the ditch in the center of the quilt and did a meander in the border.  Lovely navy binding. I decided to do a big stitch by hand around the perimeter of the center.  I think it looks grand.  I am thrilled to have this mini finished and not in the UFO pile.  I like the idea of embroidery more than I actually like doing it.  Mainly because it is slow.  So glad I plowed through for the finish.

Thank you so much for visiting.  Hopefully I will have a few months at home now.  I need to quilt some large quilt tops.  

Until next time


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Placemats for my Boy!

My twins graduated from college in May.  My son got a good Engineering job in Charleston so my daughter and I went to help him move into his first apartment.  We drove from NH to SC - some 1000+ miles.  I do love a road trip.  We worked hard but also got an opportunity to do some touristy things.  I came home with an order for a set of placemats.  I love it when the kids place an order for something quilty from me.  Here we are standing outside his front door.

I chose a fabric called neighborhood because I had it on hand, it has his favorite colors in it and somehow it reminds me of Charleston!

See the cluster of row houses in the second stripe from the top?  Reminds me of Rainbow Row.

One of our touristy things was to go to Pounce Cat Cafe and Wine Bar.  Hence the row of cat fabric.  Fantastic place.  You have to book.  When you arrive you get a drink and then go through to the cat lounge.  You can play with the kitties and interact with them.  They are all up for adoption.  I think they have found homes for over 200 cats since opening in December 2016.

I had fun making these four placemats.

I made four coasters to match.  The box went in the mail yesterday.  I sure hope the boy likes them.

Thanks for visiting.


Monday, June 26, 2017

This and That!

I managed to complete another modern Patchwork of the crosses.  I really enjoy making these blocks.  The prep time when you do fussy cutting is fairly long.  Picking and choosing and then making sure you can get enough blocks from the pattern repeats you have available.  Fun stuff indeed.  

Yesterday was a beautiful day in New Hampshire and we decided to take a drive along the coast and stop at various points to soak up the beauty of the sea on a sunny day.  We did stop on the way home for coffee and cake!  

Now that summer seems to be here I love to make frozen grapes for a snack.  Sprinkle them lightly with jello powder, place into snack bags and put them in the freezer.  You have a wonderfully refreshing treat ready to go.

We were sitting outside last evening and the clouds were just beautiful at sunset.  A storm was coming in and there were so many colors in the cloud formations.  Photo's never do sunsets justice.  

I hope you have a good day and thank you for stopping by for a visit.