Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hares in a Field!

A while ago I bought the Moda All-stars All in a Row book.  It is filled with great patterns.  You can make a quilt of the rows or you can use the rows as stand alone wall hangings.  Being Spring, I decided to make the hares chasing butterflies row.  I used a lovely aqua Grunge for the background.

The pattern requires one to construct a hare using brads so that he becomes posable.  This enables you to trace different hares onto your fusible web.  Quiet a genius idea!

I used fabric with butterflies on it and cut out the butterflies to appliqué to the background fabric.

I embroidered a chain stitch collar in pastel colors onto the hares.  Eyes are french knots.

I free motion quilted in a green color thread for the grass and an aqua color thread for the sky.   I quilted loops in the "sky" area to depict the flight of the butterflies.  I had so much fun quilting this one.

This was such a fun little quilt to make.  I will definitely be making more of the rows.  So many designers and so many lovely rows.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What am I Up To?

I had the dreaded flu last week and it knocked the socks off me.  I am only now feeling back to normal.  I have been stitching though and am getting work done on a few projects.   I have been making blocks from a Missouri Star Quilt Company Block Magazine pattern called Prairie Flower.  Love these cheerful big blocks.  They measure 14".  I used Little House on the Prairie fabric line for this quilt and I am really liking it.  Today I laid the blocks out and got busy putting on the sashing strips and making the cornerstone strips.  They are all attached now and I have two rows left to stitch before putting on the borders.  I just love how fresh this quilt looks.  

This quilt looks like a Swiss quilt and is called Postage Plus from the second to last issue of APQ Magazine.  Those pluses pop in the Moda Bella Solid Betty's Red.  I really like making postage squares - 1" .  I think this is going to be a charming quilt when it is done.

I have also finished another two doilies for the wedding.  This is number 7, which is a big one.

Here is number six!  I now have three left to make and the wedding is two months away.  Go me!  I am the kind of person who has to have a rock on my back to get a deadline done.  Not this time.  There will be no crocheting on the flight to the wedding.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Blocks on the Go!

I have been working on Katja Marek's Blocks on the Go for Quilts on the Grow!  I am really enjoying these.  In fact I am enjoying them so much that I am doing a set in Reproduction fabrics as well.  They will not have the outer border and batting.  I will stitch them together once all the blocks have been made.  I will play with the color combos for the best layout.

I am enjoying picking out two very different kinds of fabrics.  I am using Kaffes in the modern one and picking out color combinations which I like for the Reproduction ones.  No particular color scheme going.  I want it to be scrappy and fun.

These blocks are so lovely and bright.  

More reproductions.  I love the little bees in the diamonds and well as the dapper soldiers in the light diamond of the top block.  I am actually all caught up and waiting for April's clues to arrive.  Such a lovely sew along.  Thank you Katja!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Finished Quilt.

My daughter arrives home tonight. I got her quilt done on Thursday night.  It took a whole month to quilt. I did have a week hiatus while waiting for thread to ship to me. I finished two 1200 yard spools and a bit of the third one.  Here it is on her bed, just waiting for her to have a cozy night's sleep.

The quilt is very densely quilted.  Stippled in the snowball blocks.  I used a stencil at the intersection of all the snowballed corners.  I was going to do a more random vine like quilting in the sashing spaces and I started, looked at it and saw that it was not random at all.  I liked it so I just carried on doing the figure of eights.  

I still have water soluble pen marks to pat pat off with a damp cloth.  Got about half of them done.
It is a large queen size quilt.  7 blocks by 8.  I needed it to tuck over the mattress at the bottom of the bed.  I am really happy with the finish and hope she likes it as much as I do.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's Here at Last!

I have been waiting so very patiently for my thread to arrive and at last it came today.   Now I can get on with the finishing up of the quilt. 

I have not been lazy whilst waiting for the thread.  I crocheted two more doilies for the wedding. This one is a lovely peach color.  

This one is in Ecru.  I enjoyed making these two doilies and I just love how the edging turned out on this doily.

Friday, March 4, 2016

In The Meantime, Pillowcases!

I am still quilting the big queen size quilt.  Three weeks to the day.  Guess what!  I ran out of thread.  I have used two spools of 1200 yards.  Not wanting to change thread while quilting this top, I now patiently wait for our sweet post lady to bring me some more.

While I wait, I decided to make the two pillowcases that I wanted to do anyhow!  They turned out so nicely.  I used French seams so that there are no raw edges. 

The cuff and trim piece is the same as the binding for the quilt.  I made the binding with a flange of narrow black.  Yes, I made the miles of binding too.  Now I just wait patiently on my thread.  I am so close to being finished I can almost taste it.  Soon, real soon!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wedding Doilies!

My second born is getting married in June.  His sweet wife to be has commissioned me to make doilies for the table centerpieces for the reception.  The style is shabby chic and the reception will be outdoors. 

I am making a variety of different designs and sizes.  The main color is an off white, and I will make a couple of white, peach and green which is her color scheme.  

I am so happy to do this for them.  They are just the sweetest couple and I love that she asked me to make these.  I actually have three done and seven (minimum) left to go.  I made these two this weekend while watching Nascar and the Red Carpet (Oscars).