Thursday, March 9, 2017

Knitted Cushion Cover!

I really like the look of knitted Cushion covers.  I decided to knit one as I had a pillow form lying around without a cover.  I used I Love This Yarn in Linen from Hobby Lobby. 

I knitted a long strip and then folded it and stitched up the sides.  The buttons are natural wooden buttons made by my son.  I am happy with how the cover turned out.  I might have to make another one!!!

I finished the third temperature afghan and am waiting for the weather to co-operate for a photo shoot.

I thank you for visiting and hope you are having a lovely day.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Temperature Afghan Number 2!

I finished the second afghan on Tuesday evening.  My previous post is about the first one completed.

This afghan measured the temperatures of Allen, Texas.  You can see how much hotter this area is.  Many more reds and oranges.  The border colors are hotter too.  I like the energy of this afghan.

Beautiful hexies.

I am working on finishing the third afghan at the moment.  I am stitching on the half-hexes up the sides and then will start on the borders.  Hope to have it done on Friday.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Temperature Afghan!

On the 6th of July I started crocheting this temperature afghan.  I finished it yesterday.

I made a scale of yarn from warmer colors to cooler colors.  I am also making a temperature afghan for my two married kids.  So this equates to 3 hexagons per day from 6th of July until now.  Yes, it was a lot of work.  I had to be so good with keeping record of the temperatures.  I am so impressed with myself that I did not get miles behind on this project.  

O lovely hexies!

I had a bit of help last night doing the final round of the border.  Somebody came to lie on my afghan, on my lap!   That put a bit of a spoke in the progress works.  But isn't he adorable?  

I am so thrilled with this afghan and will post pictures of the other two as I finish them.  That should happen this week!  Oh, I forgot to mention that my afghan measured temperatures in Chester, New Hampshire!  Just in case you were wondering.  
Have a lovely day.


Friday, February 17, 2017


I started making this quilt and teaching it at my then LQS when The New Hexagon book by Katja Marek was published.  I then moved to another state and the project ground to a halt before I finished it.  One of my friends took over teaching the class for me and then I found out her project had stalled too.

We decided to motivate one another by challenging each other to make one hexagon every two weeks.  

Magic happens when you are accountable to somebody for progress reports!  

I daresay we are having fun and exceeding our one hexie per two week production schedule.  In fact, we are cruising along and have made good progress.

These are just a few of my recent makes and I am in love with the project again.

I am linking up with Sarah at
She hosts Help for Hexie-aholics.  Check out her lovely hexie project.
Happy Sewing.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Bits of This and That!

I have been sewing all over the place this week.  It is largely due to me avoiding sewing the borders onto En Provence! Firstly I made a Valentine wall hanging for my middle son and his wife who moved this weekend into a new (to them) house.  The wall hanging will be delivered today which is just perfect.  Oh, the half a doily in the picture went with the wall hanging  to add some Valentine cheer to their new place.

My eldest son and his wife requested another microwave bowl from me.  I made them one as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and they love it so much and asked me to make them another one.  That makes my heart so glad!

Then, on Saturday, I forced myself to attach those borders to En Provence and get it up off the floor.  I am happy to say that I achieved the goal and it wasn't so bad.  It is a huge quilt and requires lots of crawling around on the floor and pinning!  I even have the backing for this project and am so thrilled that I have completed the top.  It is in the queue for quilting now.

Missouri Star Quilt Company did a tutorial on these cat blocks and of course I just had to start one for myself.  I have been working on them for a couple of weeks now and I had ten left to make as of yesterday.  It was snowing all day so I finished the blocks and have laid them out.  I will probably put this top together today.  

I have also been looking at my two very large scrap bags and decided to do some scrap management. I will do a post about this later in the week.  
I hope you are all warm and cozy with all this snow flying around and busy quilting.  
Thank you for stopping by.


Monday, February 6, 2017

A Valentines Cushion!

I love seasonal sewing.  It adds a bit of change to the regular decor of a home. You know what they say about change!  That it is as good as a holiday!  So I decided to do a bit of Valentine sewing.  

I bought "Sealed with a Kiss" fabric last year and never got around to making anything with it.  Just a charm pack and some cute background fabric.  I made some simple hearts.

Sashed them with cute background and added a border.  

Auditioning the binding fabric was so difficult.  I wanted to go with traditional pinks or reds but this blue kept calling to me.  I sent my friend a picture of the cushion top and a few binding fabrics and she also chose the blue.  I am glad I went with it.  It looks so fresh and sweet.  

I hope you are getting a chance to sew on some fun holiday projects.  Have a great week!


Saturday, February 4, 2017

En Provence and Hearts!

Whoot whoot, En Provence is nearly a top!  I only need to attach the borders to the mothership.  I am so pleased with this quilt.  I can't tell you how many hours went into making it but it was a LOT! I might get those borders attached today and then I can get it up off the floor and lay out Allietare!  Yes friends, this is the year to finish all those Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts.  I am not allowed to start another one unless I finish Allietare and Celtic Solstice.  Both of them are really close to being completed tops. 

I was feeling a bit tired of En Provence so I quickly made a Valentine project.  This is a throw size quilt.  Every month for this year and her friend are putting together a free pattern using 5 fat quarters and some background yardage.  The quilts are throw size and are really cute.  I used to buy fat quarters just because I liked them and they were largely without purpose.  Well, I am going to be choosing five every month and using them up into these wonderful patterns.  I can't wait to quilt my cute valentines throw.

Here is my latest HST block from Lisa Bongean's sew along.  I'm making a blue and neutral quilt.  

It has been busy in the sewing room and I feel like I am making some progress.  Hopefully you are too.  Thank you for stopping by.