Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Seaside Fun!

My Niece and her husband spent three days with us over the weekend.  They are from Australia.  We took them to visit Nubble lighthouse in Maine yesterday.  It is about an hour from where we live in New Hampshire.

The day was beautiful if a bit windy.  Warm and sunny.  This is the ice-cream shop and restaurant.  We had to have some ice-cream.  The maple walnut was delicious.  

There is a gift shop!  Oh how I love gift shops.  Sitting outside the gift shop was a gentleman selling prints of the paintings he has done of Nubble Lighthouse.  He personalizes your print for you by adding a name onto the boat in the picture.  When my husband was young he and his dad had a little sailing boat.  I thought it would be lovely to put the name onto the little boat in the picture.  Such a lovely touch.  What a charming gentleman too.  I am thrilled with my purchase.  

We had a lovely outing and it was great to see the ocean.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Simply Moderne!

I really like Simply Moderne magazine.  It's a Quiltmania publication.  I want to make several quilts from each magazine.  Well I needed a table runner and there was the perfect foundation pieced one in the latest issue. 

I selected some lovely warm brights and some  neutrals.

It came together fairly quickly.  Not too much frogging.  The pattern calls for six blocks in a row.  So I shortened it to fit on my table.

I quilted it with a lemon colored thread which is a bit difficult to see in the photograph.  I am beyond thrilled with this.  From start to finish in three days.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Finishing some Quilt Tops!

Well, the painting continues!  Last week I painted the library.  I will be posting photos soon.  I do get to run into the sewing room for moments of sewing and I have been working to get two tops done.  This one is a simple hour glass quilt using Tiger Lily fabric.  The photo does not do the fabric justice.  It is lovely with little girls and cats on it.  The background fabric is Butter (Moda Bella Solid).  The backing is made as well as the binding.  I will be quilting it soon.

This is a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern called Double Diamonds and I used Blueberry Park fabric (jelly roll).  The background fabric is White Bleach (Moda Solid).  Of course I kept all the cut off triangles and am piecing a mini from them.  Loving how warm and bright this quilt is.  I will be doing a border in red and using black and white for the binding.

The temperature afghan continues to grow and I am having so much fun checking to see what color the day will bring.  As you can see by the reds, we have had some hot weather recently.  

Hubby and I made a pilgrimage to IKEA on the weekend.  It is a 1.5 hour trip each way.  We had a blast.  I bought this oh so cute box for a project.  Don't you just love it?  It is a fairly big box.  Fun containers are something I just love.  I think this one qualifies as fun.

I hope you are having a good week so far.  Make it count and spend some fun time sewing.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

What I've Been Up To!

I have missed blogging but I have been busy.   I have slowly been painting our house.  We moved in last year to a house filled with dark colors.  Now dark colors don't scare me because I actually enjoy painting.  This was our passage a couple of weeks ago.  What did scare me a little was all that trim work.

This is the passage as of yesterday.  It looks so much brighter and wider than it's already generous proportions.  I am still painting some trim work.  The upper trim, skirting boards and chair rail is done.  I have the 13 boxes left to do as well as three door frames.  You can see they are not as crisp and white as the rest of the trim.  This has been a huge job.  Thank goodness for audiobooks.  At least my mind is occupied while I paint.

This has finally turned into....

this!  So much better don't you think?  I still need to get drapes and a rug for the room, but I am happy with how it turned out.  When I have put the drapes up I will take a better picture to share.

Thanks to the Olympic Games, this has turned into....

this!  I prepped baggies with the blocks all cut out and ready to baste before the games.  I basted a whole bunch of white hexies last night all ready to put the pathway on the second row.  I am really liking how this project is progressing.
I hope you are getting some quality sewing time in and watching the Rio Olympics.  Always so much fun.  Take care until next time.