Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Finished Afghan!

Well I know I have just finished the yarn eater afghan, but really this one only had a few rows left to do and the border.  I love crocheting granny squares.  I have never done an elongated one before and wanted to try it out.
 I did two or three rows with a single color, then changed out for the next row.
I love the scrappiness of it.
I thought the scalloped edge would be pretty around the edge to contrast the square lines of a granny!

 It is a good size!  I think it will be a great napping blanket.
 Some flowers from my garden!
 The petunias are beginning to dwarf the geranium in the center.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A finished Afghan!

I must have started this afghan over a year ago.  It is a "yarn eater" or Bavarian Crochet pattern.  I found really good instructions from Sarah London's Blog at .  Some people make it in one piece, i.e. one large square.  I am not particularly fond of a square afghan.  I like mine to be rectangular.  The fit is better.   So I made squares and crocheted them together with a gorgeous color called antique teal.
 I used many different colors because I love a scrappy, colorful look.

 I gave it a super simple border treatment as I felt it did not need a wide border.  The edge of the blocks are ornate enough.  I just did a chain with a picot.
 Before we moved I had two blocks left to make and attach to the mothership.  I just ran out of time with all the things one has to do for a move.  So the finish on this end was quick and I enjoyed working on this project again.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Tablerunner!

In our charming little town of Chester, we have a primitive store called "Bittersweet Blessings".  It is absolutely delightful.  Sometimes there are quilted mats and table runners for sale.  The lady who makes them does a delightful job.  I saw a cute mat and thought it would look so pretty as a runner.    I have reproduction fabric and I have Thangles!  So I came home and got to work making half square triangles.  They are 2.5" finished.  In no time at all I got this runner done.  It is so sweet and I am very happy with it.
I have ordered a console table for my entrance hall and I think this will be perfect on it for the later summer/ fall season.  It was a quick and very satisfying project.
 Here are a couple of pictures of our pond.  We have a 4 acre lot.  The pond area is designated wetland so we can't mess with it in any way - which is just fine by me.  I love the natural landscape.
I absolutely love how green and lush things are at the moment.  The wild flowers are so pretty!
 We even have some lily pads on the pond.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Value Proposition and a Crochet Project in Progress!

I have been working on my Value Proposition Quilt (generous sew-a-long designed by Karen of  I got myself out of order in the initial round of making.  So I sat down with a pad of paper and went through all the blocks to find out which ones I had not made.  I am busy on that list now and also putting the first grey pathway around the blocks.   I laid them out on the deck this morning.  However, the deck is grey so the pathway looks a bit washed out.  It did make the other colors pop!  I have a few more blocks done waiting for their sashing.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can't wait to start putting them together.

I started these crochet blocks last year on holiday.  It is a pattern from Mollie Makes Magazine.  I have slowly been adding to the blocks and have over 20!  Still got a ways to go.  
 I will be putting a round of Parchment (thats the name of the shade) around each block and then will stitch them up.  That will act like sashing.  I am making these with Stylecraft DK.  It is a fabulous yarn for afghans.  Lots of colors to choose from too.
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bench Pillow!

I am sure many of you know that Kimberbell has a series of bench pillow cases that are made monthly during the course of a year.  I started getting these in January and have not made one yet up until this week.   I opened up my kit of beautiful fabrics and started.
I thought I would get the pillow form out of the way.  It is not a standard size that you can find in the craft stores.  The pattern tells one how to construct it.  
 Once the pillow was done I could start with the fun part of constructing the pillow case.
 There is a bit of embroidery, appliqué and three dimensional fabric folding.
 I quilted the pillowcase yesterday afternoon.  It is so festive and patriotic looking.  I can't wait to make another one.  This block is for July if you were wondering.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I occasionally purchase Mollie Makes Magazine because they always have such cute patterns.  Invariably there is something that I want to make from the patterns in the magazine.  Particularly the crocheting patterns.  This latest issue is no different.  There is a pattern to make a Mandala in three different sizes.   I tore the cover when I pulled off the free craft envelope.  It was sticky, sticky glue!
 This is the pattern page with the three varying sized Mandalas.  I went and got my stash of Stylecraft DK and started crocheting.

I was very happy with how it turned out.  It is so much fun to pick colors and play with color combinations.  I sat looking at it and thought what a nice trivet it would make.  Of course it was not thick enough.  So the only thing to do is to make another identical one.

Here I am working on Mandala number two!

Ta-da!  Two complete and now I get to crochet them together.  I used a double crochet with a picot every fourth stitch.

Here is the finished article with both sides being identical and looks so cool with my teapot perched on it.

Another view!

What?  Another Mandala?  Yup, this one is a pot holder.  Also double so those hot pot lids and handles don't burn your hands.  This was such a fun project to work on and two finishes in a day - that  is awesome.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Some Crocheting and a Patriotic Flag Table Runner!

I have been working away on several projects lately getting closer and closer to some big finishes.  I really felt like finishing something and finishing it quickly.  I found a darling pattern for a doily on Pinterest and thought it would be a wonderful quick finish project.    This one is for my bathroom, which is a green and apricot color.

I liked it so much that I decided to make another one in Patriotic colors.  I love this one too!  I still felt like finishing something small and cute.

Yesterday Barb, from Fun with Barb, posted this cute table runner on her blog.  It spoke to me!!!  I have the tumbler template and you all know I have fabric.  So this morning I made this cutie.  Barb I hope you don't mind me so shamelessly copying your cute table runner.

 Our neighbor went away on vacation for a couple of weeks and my son looked after the animals on his mini farm.  I went along to play with the animals and get my goat fix.  Such sweet things.  Really loving the country.