Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Finish!

Howdy!  Well, I can't believe another weekend is over!  Time passes by all too quickly when you are having weekend fun.
I promised to show you my finish!  Why a Christmas stocking in May?  Well, this is what happens.  I love Christmas.  In October I get out my Christmas books and patterns and start browsing through them to find wonderful things to make for gifts and for our home.  I get so inspired by this activity and plan plenty of projects to make.  In fact, I plan so many projects that I cannot possibly hope to finish them all.  Hence the Christmas finish in May!!!  I will also admit that I have a few more Christmas WIP's to complete, so you will probably see a few more during the next few months.
I must apologize for the crummy picture.  It is 10.27 pm and of course not the best time of the day to take photo's.  The stocking is needle punched.  I love needle punch.  I quilted up to the stocking with free motion quilting.  It is a cute, easy little project and a good one to make for gifts.  I found the pattern to this stocking in a Christmas "Create and Decorate" magazine.  I lengthened the pile on the stocking cuff to make it more dimensional.
I hope you have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by for a visit!

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Been A While!!!

 Hello!!!  It certainly has been a while since posting my last blog!  Much has happened in the last few weeks.  It has all been very good though.  Firstly, I have a job at one of our local quilting stores, working three days a week.  It is so very delicious playing with fabric all day long and talking to wonderful quilting folk.  Secondly, my two older boys have come home after a successful year at college.  It is so wonderful having all the chicks back in the nest.  As you have probably deduced, this has left me with a lot less time to sew!!!
 I have been working on some EPP (English Paper Piecing) though.  I am totally in love with the process.  I had posted some EPP that I have been working on in reproduction fabrics!  The quilt store that I work at has a wonderful selection of Kaffe Fassett and Phil Jacobs fabrics that are just too colorful for words.  I felt something bright was in order for a change.
 So I decided to make a diamond shaped motif with my hexagons.  I am not sure whether the camera does the background fabric any justice, but it is the most gorgeous purple.
I absolutely hate throwing away small scraps of fabric!!!  I was so excited to find paper templates for a 1/2 inch hexagon.  Have you ever seen anything so cute?  I have decided to do a dolls quilt with the little scraps.  I am thinking an apricot background would look lovely!  Now, if I have anything left of my salary, I will buy some the next time I go in to work!  One tends not to bring home too much money working in a quilt store.  My stash, however, is growing - much to my dear husbands dismay!!!
I have actually had a small finish and will post that over the weekend.  I hope you are all having fun and crafting up a storm!