Thursday, February 24, 2011

Delicious Homemade Health Bread!

 Hello!  Hope you have been having a good day!  I decided to try my hand at some homemade bread.  I planned to make split pea soup for dinner and wanted a yummy bread to go with that.  So, I took out my recipe book and found a recipe for Health Bread that my mom-in-law gave to me many years ago.  I had never tried it before.  I bought all the ingredients, mixed it up (a surprisingly quick process for bread) and put it in the oven to bake for an hour.  It turned out so well and is delicious.  I thought I would post the recipe because it is so easy to make.
500ml Whole Wheat flour
10ml Soda Bicarbonate
1ml Salt
1 handful of sunflower seeds, raisins and or sultanas

Mix all the above ingredients very well.  Add 500ml low fat plain yoghurt and 20 to 30 ml honey.
Mix very well.
Pour into a loaf pan and bake for one hour at 350F.

I don't like recipes with directions that go "a handful of this" or "a pinch of that".  However I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I just put in as much as I thought I would like in the bread and it turned out great.
 While the bread was baking, I did some stitching on my basket blocks.  I had a little helper.  You can see him selecting some thread for me to use.
Next, he decided to guard my sewing bag for me.  I don't know what I would do without Mr Cat's help!!!
Oh, the split pea soup was delicious too.  All in all, a good dinner.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A finish at last!

 I am so happy that I can post a finish!!  I work on so many projects at the same time that it seems to take so loooooooong before I finish something.  I had been working away furiously on this project and then, somehow, I got tired of it with only one bluebonnet left to go.  I put it down and Mr Cat decided that he really liked napping on it.  It became his new nap spot for about two weeks.  I picked it up yesterday to de-fluff and I thought I should probably just finish it.  Which is what I did!!  I had bought the frame a couple of weeks ago so I could just go ahead and frame it.  I am very happy with the way it turned out.
I even put a dust cover on the back and put on the hanging wire!!  Had to go and raid hubbies toolbox!!  Now to find a place to hang it!!  It is a great summer picture with happy sunny hues to it.  It was really so fun to stitch.  The ticking stripe fabric is incredibly soft!!  I will be looking for another wool felt project quite soon.
Thanks for stopping by, and hoping that you are having a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Basket Blocks than I thought!!!

 Isn't it a wonderful thing when after days of making basket blocks, you unpack them from their storage bag to find that you really have a decent pile!!  I was thrilled to see how many I have made so far.  I have this project sitting on the kitchen table, and when I have a few minutes I applique a bit.  I am so enjoying making these blocks.
Here is a close-up of a few of them.  I love the colors.  So rich and vibrant.  I even took a couple of blocks to the hospital this weekend!!  Yes, you read correctly.  My sweet daughter developed appendicitis during the night on Saturday and we took her to the ER early on Sunday morning.  She had her surgery on Sunday afternoon.  While waiting for her I appliqued a block or two.  It helped calm me down.  I am happy to report that we are home and she is recovering very nicely.  Had this happened a hundred years or more ago, I would have lost my precious daughter.  I am very grateful to the talented people who operated on her, and for all the modern medicine and medical procedures that we have.  She was well looked after.  It turns out Sunday was our 23rd wedding anniversary!!  Sometimes you just don't know what you will wake up to!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hi from a snowy Texas

 Wow, what a week it has been!!!  This has been has a huge weather event, even for Texas.  School has been out here since Tuesday.  We have had really dangerous icy road conditions the whole week.  Last night we went to bed expecting to wake up to a little bit of snow.  Well, six inches by this morning is pretty decent for us.  Of course school is out today again.  I have to say that I am so enjoying having my kids at home.  I am truly grateful to have them safely at home in a warm house.  We have had a good time catching up on movies and good conversation - not to mention plenty of stitching.  The top picture is of Kronk (unfortunately I let my kids name him) sitting in a chair close to the fire.  He has claimed that chair for himself and has been in it for about three days solid with the temperatures in the teens.  If you want to find a comfortable place in your house, hunt down the cat because he will have found it.
 This picture is of our backyard.  Look at all that snow!!! (People from up north, don't laugh)
Our cul-de-sac looks like a winter wonder land.  I need to get out there and take some more photo's.
Wishing that all of you remain safe and warm.  Make the best of a bad situation by catching up on all your sewing and loving on your family if they are at home snowbound!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello from a Super Cold Texas!

 My last post showed a few treats I bought for myself.  I have been stitching on the Bluebonnet Bouquet and I am almost down to the top layer of applique.  It has been so much fun to stitch and I really enjoy doing blanket stitch.  The background ticking fabric is soooooooo soft.  The wool felt is simply wonderful to work with.  I am really looking forward to the finished article.  I am wondering if I should make a pillow cover out of it or frame it to hang on the wall.  At the moment I am leaning towards framing it.  It is such a bright and happy little picture.
School was cancelled here today because of the icy conditions on the roads and sidewalks.  It has snowed for most of the day too.  Late this afternoon we received a call from the school district to say that school will be cancelled for tomorrow too.  I am soooo excited to have a mini holiday in the middle of the week.  No homework to do for the kids.  I think we shall take advantage of the break from school to watch a movie tonight.  Of course I will be stitching whilst watching.  Have a happy evening and stay warm.