Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making Houses from Scraps

 I was quite daunted by the thought of hand piecing all of the little houses.  Then Jantine kindly made a foundation paper piecing pattern.  I have never done foundation paper piecing (I am the crazy English Paper Piecing lady).  So I thought I would give it a bash anyway!
Well it turned out much easier than I thought it would be - even on such a small scale.  I think the house is really cute and now I am only behind by 9 and not 10 anymore!!!  Here's hoping I will catch up pretty quickly!!! This is a great project to use up really tiny scraps!!!


  1. Cute little house - I love the kitty in the window!

  2. Love it! You are my hero Chantal! I can't wait for my private lesson! Looking forward to it!