Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some Portable Work for a Roadtrip

 A few weeks ago we went on a short road trip to Oklahoma.  My eldest son who is now twenty two, has dated his beautiful fiancé since the 9th grade.  Of course we have gotten to know her family very well.  They have a log cabin in Oklahoma and we are fortunate enough to be invited out there often.   So of course one has to take some form of stitching.  I had not made a doily in quite some time and thought it would be good to crochet again.
Also my kitchen could use some new cloths.  I edge the kitchen ones so they don't get mixed up with the bathroom cloths.  That would not be a good thing at all.
This doily turned out really well.  It is also large and I was sure I would run out of thread.  I did the last row in the car on the way home.  This is how much thread I had left. Wow!!  Juuuuusssstttt made it!

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  1. Beautiful doily! You are so talented in such a variety of crafts!