Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I feel like I am a million miles behind the rest of the trippers! Been running like mad to catch that bandwagon! Here are my first four blocks! I have a substantial collection of 30's fabrics, so I decided to use those!


  1. Very pretty colors and fabrics!

    You are few million miles ahead of me on this bandwagon. I am left standing in the dust tracks as I have not even thought about starting this scrappy trip around the world. I am knee deep in the ruts of my too many current projects to even think about deciding to try to enter the running and cathcing up. I think I am going to just cheer and wave by the side of the road on this one. Lots of lovely quilts going by to see and enjoy!

    Your blocks are very nice. Looking forward to following along behind ... :) Pat

  2. these blocks are so fun. Love the 30s
    have a nice trip