Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Serious Hexing Going On!

Well it's no secret at all that I truly love EPP and that I truly love the hexagon.  A while ago I saw a lovely antique quilt on Pinterest that had hexagons arranged in an elongated grandmothers flower shape.  I loved how it looked so I decided to start making some and see where it took me.
I am using 1" hexagons!
I am using 30's reproduction fabrics and Moda Solids!
I am going to make a sashing or pathway around all the shapes.
 No, I don't know what color yet!  I would love some INPUT from my wonderful visitors.
Please leave me a comment about what color sashing to best show off the motifs.  I appreciate your thoughts so much.  Have a great day and happy stitching.


  1. I love them! It is going to be beautiful! If it was me I'd do the paths in light cream like Kona Snow - just because there are so many colours in there. But am sure there are plenty of more creative options too:)

  2. I know it doesn't sound exciting but what about white sashing? You have a lot of color and the white should recess and allow each oblong shape to shine.

  3. Just lovely, I'd probably go with a white it will lift the colour in your teeny hexies.

  4. Oh beautiful! What a nice change to see hexis in this formation

  5. My first thought was white-ish also. then I wondered how black would look??? Might set off the colors and make them pop. I guess it's gonna have to be audition time.

  6. Your hexies looks great.
    My choice is darkblue. At my Candyquilt I took darkblue and it looks fantastic.

    Greetings, Manuela

  7. I love EPP and hexies too, and yours are looking wonderful! I often use white for sashing so that is what I would suggest....but dark colours could work well too.
    Helen xx

  8. It's impossible to pick a favorite from the elongated flowers you have made so far... they are so fun!!! I agree with Every Stitch... I think Kona Snow would be perfect. And yet, black would be interesting as well... good luck deciding!