Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Cushion Cover with Hexagons!

I have to make a cushion cover for our Swap Club on Saturday.  It holds every two months, and I always leave my project to the last minute.  You know, the rock for my back needs to become heavier before I do anything about it.  Lol.
The agonizing this time was about what pattern to use.  I finally settled on one from "Pillow Pop".  Well I looked at a picture and then did my own thing.  Sort of the right size hexie's!  etc.
These hexagons are quilted as you go.  You have a small and large hexagon.  Cut a piece of batting the same size as the small hexagon.  Center the two on top of the large hexagon.  Large hexagon is wrong side up, the small hexagon is right side up with the batting between the two.  Then fold the large sides in half and then pull down over the small hexagon.  Pin the sides as you work your way around the shape.  You can them machine the sides down, appliqué them down or use a decorative (crazy quilt method) stitch.  I chose to machine the edges down because I am on a time budget.  The next step is to make your rosette.  Small overhand stitches - stitch down six hexagons to the sides of a center hexagon.

 Now the sides get stitched together and your flower is complete.
I chose a Moda solid in white because the theme of the pillow is "Spring" and so I wanted to cushion to look bright and fresh.  I placed the rosette off center and machine stitched it to the background.
I added a layer of batting and muslin for quilting purposes.   Next I machine quilted around the shape in concentric circles following the shape of the Rosette.  When I was done with that I used a variegated thread and hand quilted around the Rosette.
 I love the secondary pattern the quilting makes.  Almost like chevrons.  I used my machine foot as a guide to measure the distance between the lines.
 I did a scrappy binding using all the solids which I used in the large hexagon fabrics.
 20" x 20" pillow form inserted.
 I am happy with the outcome and it did not take a month of Sundays to make.  Thanks for stopping by to have a look.  Hope you are having a good sew day!


  1. oh that's gorgeous! I am doing a project with hexies like that right now too! mine is not a quick project like yours. I wish it was!

  2. I hope I get this!!

  3. It's a wonderful pillow.
    Your quilting looks fantastic.

    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  4. Such a lovely fresh pillow - it looks like springtime! The quilting looks great and really showcases the hexagon flower!

  5. really really great - I've never seen a hexagon done this way. Your quilting and finishing are superb!

  6. Oh my! Very beautiful! Love the quilting and the scrappy binding!