Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Needlepunch Christmas Wall Hanging!

I have been decorating for Christmas!  My favorite season by far!  I love the soft glow of a Christmas tree at night.  I usually have a few trees up.  This year I have three (so far - who knows what might happen in the next few days).  This one is in our family room.
 This is a little table vignette!  I love those reindeer candle holders.
 This little scene is at the mail center in the kitchen.  My son painted the tree.  He did such a good job.
 This quilt is hanging on the kitchen wall.  I love the little red birds on a wire!
 I started this needle punch a few years ago.  It has been on my UFO list for W A Y too long.  Well I finished the needle punch and there it sat again waiting to be quilted.  I was not not going to finish this in time for Christmas.  It was an evenings work to get it done.
Isn't he a grand fellow?  He now hangs on the family room wall.  I hope you are all having fun this season with your decorating.  I know I am.  Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Love your needle punch Santa. I learned how to NP but never got far with it. Hexies have really taken over for all my travel-able projects, NP and tatting included. I'll be decorating my house Saturday. Wish me luck.

  2. your house looks beautiful! & I love your santa. NP is something I have never done

  3. Your decorations are beautiful. We are kindred spirits; I have 3 full sized trees inside and another out on the screened in porch. It's my favorite season, too.

  4. Beautiful tree and needle punch santa design.