Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Basket out of Strings.

I have two SCARY big bags of fabric scraps.   I am working on the crumb quilt with fabrics from the bags.  I feel like all I have done is manage to fluff them up and make them look fuller!   I came across strings which really are to narrow to make anything with,  unless. ...... yeah, why not make a basket with wrapped cotton washing line!
I just love this basket!  It is so amazingly colorful.  I tried to pic a good assortment of colors and patterns.  I used 100 ft of washing line, so definitely more than 100 ft of strings since they are wrapped.   This just may become my knitting basket!  Beats a packet from the store!


  1. Cool basket Chantal and great use of strings - who would have thought there were 100 ft of strings in there - very impressive :-)

  2. oh Chantal that's lovely! That's what I was thinking, a perfect yarn basket. wow!

  3. Dear Chantal,
    won't be surprised if this becomes your favorite basket in the house, it is so wonderful.

  4. Beautiful array of colours, the basket will be so useful.

  5. Great way to use those selvages and using it as a knitting bowl is a great idea. If you put a ball of wool in the bowl and run it through the handle it will stay put and not roll around the floor. My daughter has a knitting bowl made of wood and she swears by it!