Friday, October 23, 2015

First snow and some Beautiful Leaves!

For the last three years that I know of, Quilters Newsletter Magazine has had a beautiful Christmas quilt to Foundation Paper Piece.   Last year's one is called First Snow!   I started it lady year and did not get very far at all.  I unearthed it and have made some real progress.   I would love to get this one finished for Christmas this year!  Here are some of the pieced trees.
I have also been busy building houses.  Such lovely variety in the style of homes.
I have enjoyed finding some fabrics from the stash to add interesting elements to the windows.  I love this house full of people.
Yesterday I went into town and just had to take a couple of pictures.  This tree is so lovely.  The camera does not do justice to the beautiful colors.
A rain cell was approaching and I so loved the colors of the leaves against the grey backdrop of clouds.  The light was awesome.  Again, not done justice by the camera.


  1. Wonderful pictures of your tree and house blocks and the fall tree.

  2. The tree blocks are so charming and they will make a lovely seasonal quilt. Love the house with the people in the windows! It looks like you've used the same fabric for the background in the trees and the houses. Will these blocks go together I wonder?

  3. Your trees and houses look so much fun! That orange in the autumn pictures is amazing, we don't get that where we live (doesn't get cold enough for a good Autum show!)

  4. I love your house "party!
    I also love the fall leaves against that blue-gray sky we get in fall. Today is sunny and bright and I have a good view of the golden pear tree across from my office window. Ahhhhh...falll!