Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Quilt from Leftovers!

My last blog was about my Prairie Flower Finish. Lots of snowballing occurred during the making of the quilt. I saved those little triangles and made half square triangles from them. Then put them together into blocks and then made a wall hanging.  I am so thrilled with my something from nothing quilt.

I stitched just outside the ditch on the half square triangles.

Figure 8's in the sashing and stippling in the outer borders.

This is wedding doily number 11.

Here is wedding doily number 10.

A closer picture of number 10.  I am working on number 12 and then will have three left to make.  I can do this.  Wedding on the 11th of June.


  1. The left overs quilt is so cute (I love those something from nothing projecs too) but your doilies steal the show!! Sounds like you'll meet your deadline :-)

  2. Love how you paired the triangles with a contrasting colour. It is beautiful and beautifully quilted too. Congrats! The doilies are wonderful too. Good luck on your goal to finish them before the deadline. ;^)

  3. Great leftovers. It does feel good making something from nothing. Well, done. The wedding will be here before you know it, but I know you'll be ready.

  4. Cute quilt and wonderful quilting designs. Those doilies are so pretty. What a very bridal thing to make and what a nice touch they will be!