Saturday, January 20, 2018

Christmas Tumblers - A Finish!

In the lead up to Christmas, what could be more fun than working on a Christmas quilt.  I have been buying Christmas fabric for many years and have made many different projects from them.  I am always left with some fabric at the end of a project.  My collection of Christmas fabric is fairly substantial and fairly old.  So I decided to make a tumbler quilt to show off all the oldies but goodies and also to get some of them out of the stash.

I wanted this quilt to be used and not so precious that I felt sorry for it.  I want it to be snuggled under on a cold winters night, not up on a shelf somewhere.  

I cut 5" strips from yardage and used the tumbler template from the MSQC.  It was so much fun visiting with and cutting some of these old fabrics.  There may or may not be a few crunchy fabrics in there that were bought before I was aware of quilt store quality fabric as opposed to other stores fabrics.    I stitched them all together in rows of 20 tumblers and there are 17 rows.  Next I did an overall meander because the fabrics are busy.  I am so thrilled with this quilt.  As it happens I only made a small dent in the fabric and ended up cutting so many tumblers that I have decided to make the kids a Christmas quilt too.

I had to include a pic of my sweet lap sitter kitty, keeping me company in the evenings while I hand stitch.  

I wish you a wonderful weekend.



  1. Beautiful! I keep buying Christmas fabric and just make small things and it's piling up

  2. how fun is that! great finish

  3. What a fantastic a Christmas quilt. The colors and patterns just shout Happy Holidays. It's amazing how little fabric gets used up with a super scrappy quilt, but at least you made a dent and had fun!

  4. Your quilt came out fabulous!! Now I need to get cranking on mine! Scritches and purrs to your orange boys!

  5. wonderful Christmas quilt. Congrats on your finish. Cuddle up with that sweet kitty and have a cup of tea!

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