Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stenciling on Fabric

 Have you tried stenciling on fabric?  Oh, it is so much fun.  I had a bunch of reproduction fabrics that I wanted to make something with.  Looking at them made me think of Spring.  I really love bunnies and decided an easter quilt would be wonderful.  I poured through my stenciling books and found this cute couple!!!
 It is really easy to do.  You can use craft paints.  You will need to buy a bottle of Textile Medium (found with the craft paints) and mix your colors and textile medium according to the manufacturers directions.  Pre-wash and press your fabric.  Place the fabric square over a piece of cardboard so the paint does not bleed onto your work surface.  Commence stenciling.  Don't overload your brush and use a pouncing action.  When you are done, lift your stencil carefully and in an upward motion so that you don't smear the edges.
I really like how this quilt turned out.  Give it a try!!  It really is easier than you think.
Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by.