Friday, April 22, 2011

Yummy Carrots!!

I saw a "How To" for these carrots in Martha Stewart Living Magazine.  I thought they looked so cute so I decided to make some for Easter.  Now these are not ordinary carrots mind you.  They are chocolate carrots.  Yum yummy yum!!!  You will need a roll of orange crepe paper and a roll of green crepe paper for the tops.  Also you need a candy that will work to be wrapped inside the carrot.  I chose Hershey's chocolate bunnies because they are long and thin and won't distort the carrot shape too much.  Cut some green crepe paper in the shape of a topper and put aside.  Then start on the thin side of the carrot and just roll your crepe paper adding candy as you go.  Wind the crepe paper back and forth until your carrot is firm and has a pleasing shape.  Then wind your paper to the top of the carrot, lay the topper down and wind it into the carrot shape with the cut ends protruding from the end of the carrot.  Use a little glue stick to secure the end of the orange crepe paper to the carrot.
I am having company on Easter Sunday, so I made a carrot for each person who will be at my home.  I laid some easter grass into a wooden bowl and placed the carrots on top!  Aren't they cute?


  1. Looks amazing Arnie ..... Not sure where you get the inspiration and time! We are back finally. John and fam

  2. Those carrots look real on the picture!