Sunday, February 19, 2012

Building Houses is a Messy Business!

 Hello friends.  Thank you so much for stopping by to have a look at the construction sight.  You know that house building is a messy business.  One is left with several scraps that you can't use because there is not enough for a house unit!
 What to do with your scraps you may ask.  Remember, your scraps cost the same as your precious yardage, so put them to good use.
 I am making 1/2 inch hexagons with my leftovers.  I cleared all the scraps from around my sewing machine this weekend and made this lovely little pile.  They are going into a box with others to make a completely scrappy hexagon quilt.  No planning involved!  Just lots of color and lots of sewing.
 Are they not too cute for words?
Here is my tin which I put my finished houses into.  It is getting full.  I have 49 houses.  Yes, I can't believe it but I am only behind by one house.  I made SEVEN this weekend.  The dear husband and kids were building a model aircraft at the kitchen table.  My daughter was sewing there too.  My machine was set up and I just stitched away merrily.  We had quiet a crafty weekend.  It was so good just being together.

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  1. I agree. Building houses is a very messy business.
    To make little hexagons is a very clever idea. I am thinking about doing some crumbblocks.
    Have a nice day!