Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Terrible Thing To Admit!!!

 I am proud to have FINISHED two items recently.  I started the scarf in December and finally knitted the last few rows and finished it.  The coasters were made using some leftover Kaffe selvedges.  Turned out rather cute if I say so myself.  I am tired of the water glasses making a mess on the table.  Problem solved.
OK!!!  Here is the terrible thing to admit!.  My friend and I made yet another trip to the quilt store and bought all sorts of goodies.  I tell you, we were feeling rather bad!!!!  So we made a pact to buy no more fabric other than what  is needed to complete projects in progress until - wait for it - FALL!!!!  I don't know how we will make it.  Then we decided to make a list of all our unfinished sewing items.  This is where it gets to be bad.  My list has 40, yes 40 UFO's on it.  So officially I appear to be the Queen of starting projects.  My problem is that cute things appear before me before I can finish the things I am busy with.  My friend has 30 things on her list.  Well we are putting in a dedicated effort this summer to cross items off our list.  The above two photo's are two of those items.  I know they are small but they were so close to being completed.  A journey starts with one step!!!!  I will be showing my progress so you can all hold me accountable.
Till next time, take care and thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hee!2

    Way to go chica! 2 down and (ehemmmm) a few more to go! You can do it! :-)

  2. You have a great plan for the UFO's - it's always better to tackle those things with a friend!

  3. That is a really cool scarf! I have lots and lots of UFO's of my own. I think I have gotten ADD in my old age.

  4. So.... Anything new to share? I hear from a lil' birdie that there may have been another finish... ;-)

  5. Hello!!! You might want to stop by and read my blog! There is a surprise waiting there for you!;postID=6072388218795025640

    1. Wooooohoooooo! Congratulations Chantal!

  6. You two are bad! At least I don't have that many UFOs :-). I was bad this past weekend! My sister and I went to Common Threads and Lone Star! I bought some of the "Women of Courage" fabric for my Vicksburg pattern!