Monday, August 12, 2013

Up to no Good - Part 2!

In my previous post I showed you the start of the first of two quilts which I began this weekend.  Here is the second quilt.
I have always loved spiderweb quilts and have wanted to make one for quiet a while now.  I ordered some papers and a kite template from the Missouri Star Quilt Company!  The package arrived on Saturday morning.  Of course I was just dying to try out the goodies.  Well I am string piecing away like nobody's business.  Working through the stash of scraps albeit rather slowly.  How is it that a pile can built up really quickly and then it takes forever to use it up?
Here are the first batch of triangles pieced!
One block pieced together!  The bottom photo is of two blocks completed.  I have the pieces ready to construct three more blocks.  The block requires four triangles made up of a kite piece and string piecing down the two sides.  I love the mint color of the kites.  It is going to be a cheerful quilt.
Thanks for stopping by to have a look!  I appreciate you so much!


  1. This is going to be very nice - very cheerful too as you say, Chantal - I do think that green is a perfect choice for the centres. The kite template looks great for getting them all accurate. Hehe scraps and strings multiply while we aren't looking - well mine do anyway!!

  2. someday I'm going to make one of these quilts! Love your blocks