Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Finish!

We have just recently come to have a guest bedroom!  My eldest son got married last year in December, so he has moved out of the house.  There has been a bit of room shuffling and swapping.  My youngest son moved into my eldest son's old room.  We painted that room in the summer.  The kids all went back to college and I guess the poor husband and myself have been busy, but also putting off what we knew would be a big job.  Anyhow, at last we painted the room last month.  I am so happy with how fresh it looks.  I am making odd little things for the room.  I made the pillow cases  and today I finished a doily for the room.
Here is the room ready to paint.

Primer coat done to hide the grey.

Bedroom finished.  Lovely lemon color on the walls.

New drapes and artwork on the walls.  It is an adult bedroom now!  
All we need now are visitors!

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