Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sue Daly does not only do EPP!

I had the privilege of meeting the lovely Sue Daly at Houston Quilt Market.  She showed us some Yo-yo's she is working on.  It is a wonderful project to use up scrap fabric.  I thought I would climb on that band wagon asap because you know if Sue Daly is making it so will the rest of the world!!!!  Somehow everything old is new again.  I really love it when that happens.  I am using the large Clover Yo-yo maker (only because I could not find my extra large one in my sewing room).  I am glad I chose the large because it can be used with more scraps (smaller pieces).
I am really just putting my hand into the scrap bag and pulling fabric.  I am not interested in what color comes out the bag.  I want this to be truly scrappy.  I just love how cheerful it looks.   Give it a try!  Great for TV watching.
Large Clover Yo-yo maker!

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