Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hexagon Wall Hanging!

We will be moving next month!  We are leaving Texas for New Hampshire.  I am beyond excited by this new adventure.  We have bought a new home and I can't wait to decorate it.  We have been in our current home for 15 years.  The kids have finished school and are either graduated or in college.  So... my husband and I thought it was just the right time for another adventure.
With that being said, of course I need to make a quilt for the new place.  I had started these rosettes a couple of years ago, loved them, but did not know what to do with them exactly.  I just know my dining room in the new house would benefit by a wall hanging of these yummy rosettes.  So I decided on my background fabric - Moda Cherry.  So pretty and full of energy.   I have been making more rosettes!
 Striped fabric is the theme for this quilt.  I love how the stripes give you secondary hexagon shapes within the rosette.
A few of them are not from striped fabric, but also fussy cut.
Here is the beginning of the wall hanging.  I am not sure how wide to make it.  So far I have five in a row.  I may add a sixth one.  I am loving making these again.  I will continue to show the progress on this project.  Thank you for stopping by for a visit.


  1. Wow - that's quite a move up to the snowy north!! LOL. I hope everything goes super smoothly. Your wall hanging looks great so far - love that cherry color and all the striped fabrics. I should do that sometime as I have a "thing" for striped fabrics...

  2. Exciting news Chantal! How far is it from A to B? Your hexies looks lovely - the cherry looks great - a good excuse to pull them out again!

  3. It's like a pretty runner just now. Lovely.

  4. Congratulations to your new adventure together with a bunch of well wishes. Love the start of the wallhanging, beautiful fussy cut hexagons.

  5. so sad to lose you from Texas my friend but excited for your adventure! this will be a perfect addition to your new home!

  6. I just made two hexagon rosettes like yours with the striped teal fabric in the second picture. This project is gorgeous. What size are your hexagons?

  7. Good luck with the packing and moving!
    You cant beat a hexi anything!
    love your fabrics : )