Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Cute Crocheted Square!

I have mentioned that I will be moving in March.  We are hauling things out of closets and attics and sorting like crazy!  Thinning out ones possessions is a good thing.  I came across a bag of yarn that I have probably had since before I was married.  I have been married for 27 years!  I looked at all the colors and knew what I could do with the yarn.  So in-between sorting and cleaning out I have also managed to start a new project.  The little square is easy to crochet and it is certainly fun to make.  I am including a tutorial here.  Also seen on Dutch Sisters blog.  Begin by chain stitching 6 stitches.

 Close the circle with a slip stitch.
 Chain 3 (will count as 1st double crochet), double crochet 15 stitches into the circle.  16 total.
 Close the circle with a slip stitch.  Chain 4 (4th chain will count as a ch1 between the double crochet stitches).  Make 1 double crochet, ch1 into each stitch below.  16 total.
 Close the circle with a slip stitch.
 Slip stitch into the first chain space and make 3 double crochet stitches.  Make 3 double crochet stitches in all the following chain spaces.
 Make a slip stich to close the circle.  End of your work.
 In a contrasting color make a slip stitch onto your hook.
 Join to your completed circle in any space between the groups of 3 double crochet stitches.
 Chain 3 and slip stitch between a 3 dc group.  Do this 3 times in total.
 To make your first corner chain 5 and slip stitch into the next space between 3 dc groups below.
 3 chain, slip stitch into next space 3 times and then 5 chain into next space.  Repeat twice more to finish your row.
Slip stitch into the 3 chain space and make 3 double crochets (3 chain and 2 dc in first group).  Repeat this 3 times.  You should have a 5 chain space next.
 To make the corner 5 double crochet, 2 chain, 5 double crochet.
 Then 3 groups of 3 double crochet into the next 3 chain spaces.  Repeat corner and work the next two sides.
 I join as you go, so that I don't need to do a bunch of sewing at the end.  There are many good You Tube videos on the join as you go method.
 This is such a cool pattern and it is so colorful.  I hope you give it a try.


  1. That is a pretty little square, Chantal... great use of "your bits". And good idea to join as you go, a pain to join them up at the end! Good luck with your sorting and shifting!

  2. Oh I will try this as I have a blanket like that from grandma and I don't want to use it too much ... you know I mean. So, I will make one. What size are the crochet and the yarn please?

  3. so so pretty! I may have to make some of these (in between my hexie sewing!) Will miss you friend but so happy I will still be able to "see" you here!

  4. Very pretty! My Mom used to make blankets like that. She would use all the leftover bits to crochet a border and then she would add an off-white picot edge to finish it off. Thanks for sharing this very nostalgic square!

  5. Lovely squares! And it must be a nice and easy project to pick up when you have some time in between the moving work.

  6. I love your crochet projects, and the hexagons from your last post are just beautiful. I just went through the sorting and moving. I'm glad to see you are still doing some stitching.