Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Finished Quilt.

My daughter arrives home tonight. I got her quilt done on Thursday night.  It took a whole month to quilt. I did have a week hiatus while waiting for thread to ship to me. I finished two 1200 yard spools and a bit of the third one.  Here it is on her bed, just waiting for her to have a cozy night's sleep.

The quilt is very densely quilted.  Stippled in the snowball blocks.  I used a stencil at the intersection of all the snowballed corners.  I was going to do a more random vine like quilting in the sashing spaces and I started, looked at it and saw that it was not random at all.  I liked it so I just carried on doing the figure of eights.  

I still have water soluble pen marks to pat pat off with a damp cloth.  Got about half of them done.
It is a large queen size quilt.  7 blocks by 8.  I needed it to tuck over the mattress at the bottom of the bed.  I am really happy with the finish and hope she likes it as much as I do.  


  1. It is absolutely GOOORRRRGEOUS!! and the quilting too. With the matching pillows it makes the room sing. Congrats on this beautiful finish.

  2. so beautiful! your quilting is amazing. Enjoy your daughter (I know she will sleep well!)

  3. What an incredible quilt for your daughter. Your machine quilting is exquisite. The designs your chose are perfect and the motif in the open area is lovely. The quilt is a awesome finish. Well done!

  4. Beautiful finish Chantal, your daughter will love it. Congratulations.

  5. What's not to like? It is gorgeous. The snowball blocks are a wonderful way to show off your beautiful big prints! The quilting looks really pretty and shows up beautifully on the white sashing. What a fine finish!

  6. What a beautiful room for your lovely quilt!! I love your paint color. Pretty iron bed too - it looks like a magazine layout.
    Your quilt is a winner!