Friday, March 4, 2016

In The Meantime, Pillowcases!

I am still quilting the big queen size quilt.  Three weeks to the day.  Guess what!  I ran out of thread.  I have used two spools of 1200 yards.  Not wanting to change thread while quilting this top, I now patiently wait for our sweet post lady to bring me some more.

While I wait, I decided to make the two pillowcases that I wanted to do anyhow!  They turned out so nicely.  I used French seams so that there are no raw edges. 

The cuff and trim piece is the same as the binding for the quilt.  I made the binding with a flange of narrow black.  Yes, I made the miles of binding too.  Now I just wait patiently on my thread.  I am so close to being finished I can almost taste it.  Soon, real soon!


  1. Those pillowcases are gorgeous! That is going to be some beautiful set when you are finished with all.

  2. beautiful fabrics! I always do french seams in my pillowcases too. hope your thread comes quickly!

  3. Glad the next spool is on it's way. You'll be finished before you know it. The pillow cases will be a nice addition and now those are done.

  4. lovely pillowcases! looking forward to seeing the big quilt!