Thursday, July 7, 2016

Quilt Blocks become Quilt Tops!

I really enjoy making quilt blocks.  The repetition is so meditative and soothing.  I had managed to collect blocks for a few quilts and bagged them.  Well I decided it was time to stitch them together into tops.
This one is a rail fence style quilt - a pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  It uses a jelly roll and some yardage for the frames.  It was a fun top to put together.  It is made of Christmas fabric and a dark green grunge for the frames.  I have made the binding and will quilt it soon.

This is also a Missouri Star Quilt pattern and appears in Block Magazine.  I loved making the Dresden flowers.  I actually still need to border this quilt.  All the rows are stitched together now.

This pattern is constructed using dresden wedges and then the block is squared off and sashed.  This is a lap size quilt and I can't wait to get it quilted to use on fall evenings watching TV.  So fun to make.  I will need to show you what I am doing with the cut off curves!!!

I am really happy to have gotten these tops to quilting stage.  I plan a marathon few quilting months come fall.  Meanwhile, I still have about four tops in progress that are ready to be stitched together barring a block or two.  
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  1. Congrats on a triple finish. WOW! You're on a roll for decluttering the UFOs closet. All three are wonderful. Love the border fabric of the third one. Why am I always too shy to do this like that when I find that so appealing on other's quilts? I need to learn to "let go" a little. The green baskets give you plenty of space for some fun quilting. Enjoy!! ;^)

  2. so beautiful! good for you

  3. All three tops are super fun. It's nice to get them to the stage of getting them quilted. The squared off Dresdans are a wonderful variation.

  4. Thanks for the UFO reminders - I have a project similar to your first (animal prints in rectangular 4patches, forget what the sashing is) that needs a backing and a sample "flower pot" that needs a project. I should go dig those out...