Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Temperature Afghan

I was away at the end of June at a quilting retreat in Texas.  One of the ladies had a temperature afghan with her and let me tell you, I was fascinated.  You record the days temperature where you live.  Then you organize yarn from cold colors to warm colors.  There is no science here.  Do what makes you happy.  Then you make a motif in your corresponding color for that temperature.  Again, pick a shape you love and use that.  Stitch them together in order of the days and you should have an interesting afghan at the end of the year.  One very specific to your home town.

I have chosen to arrange my yarns in 5F increments.  When I got to zero degrees F I changed to 10F increments.  

Here is my afghan for Chester, NH at this stage.  It does not matter where you start in the year.  Mine will be running from summer to summer with fall, winter and spring in the center.  I think it will balance the colors well.  
I sure hope my kids don't read my blog because I am making one for the two married kids.  One lives in Texas and the other in California.  I am so excited to see the finished and different results.  Hopefully this will be a Christmas present for 2017.  Isn't it a fun idea?


  1. It is a great idea. No two afghan will be the same, no matter how many you make. ;^)

  2. so cool. I've seen them done in stripes but never motifs! Awesome idea.

  3. I think it's a fab idea! It would be even more fun to compare afghans from year to year to see the changes.

  4. Interesting idea. It will be fun to see how the temperature goes up and down

  5. what a fun and creative idea!