Thursday, August 11, 2016

What I've Been Up To!

I have missed blogging but I have been busy.   I have slowly been painting our house.  We moved in last year to a house filled with dark colors.  Now dark colors don't scare me because I actually enjoy painting.  This was our passage a couple of weeks ago.  What did scare me a little was all that trim work.

This is the passage as of yesterday.  It looks so much brighter and wider than it's already generous proportions.  I am still painting some trim work.  The upper trim, skirting boards and chair rail is done.  I have the 13 boxes left to do as well as three door frames.  You can see they are not as crisp and white as the rest of the trim.  This has been a huge job.  Thank goodness for audiobooks.  At least my mind is occupied while I paint.

This has finally turned into....

this!  So much better don't you think?  I still need to get drapes and a rug for the room, but I am happy with how it turned out.  When I have put the drapes up I will take a better picture to share.

Thanks to the Olympic Games, this has turned into....

this!  I prepped baggies with the blocks all cut out and ready to baste before the games.  I basted a whole bunch of white hexies last night all ready to put the pathway on the second row.  I am really liking how this project is progressing.
I hope you are getting some quality sewing time in and watching the Rio Olympics.  Always so much fun.  Take care until next time.


  1. Oh! My! That's a LOT of work! The painting, with so much trims, the hexies, and life in general (I presume you are still eating, washing and sleeping, right?) The hall looks grand in calmer colours. The bedroom looks like somewhere I can sleep. Love the elongated hexi blocks. Cool design. Enjoy! ;^)

  2. I just love your lighter, brighter rooms. Also love the pillows and the afghan at the end of the bed. I'm watching the Olympics and stitching just like you. I like the blocks in your hexie project!

  3. I wish my house had half the trim your does. It takes forever to paint but looks stunning. Both the hall and bedroom look fantastic in their new colors! Your hexies are moving right along. Congrats!

  4. The light colors are wondeful and it amazing how different your hallway looks! I love all the trim. You've done a great job and your hexies are looking marvelous.

  5. your home is so bright and cheerful, just like you! beautiful color choices. And your hexies? LOVE!

  6. wow - you have been busy! love the lighter colors. we have the same trip in our hallways.
    fabulous hexies.

  7. Beautifully done Chantal - such a lot of work but you'll enjoy the results for a long time! yes - I've been enjoying the Olympics too - have been a great excuse to sit and quilt :)