Monday, February 27, 2017

Temperature Afghan!

On the 6th of July I started crocheting this temperature afghan.  I finished it yesterday.

I made a scale of yarn from warmer colors to cooler colors.  I am also making a temperature afghan for my two married kids.  So this equates to 3 hexagons per day from 6th of July until now.  Yes, it was a lot of work.  I had to be so good with keeping record of the temperatures.  I am so impressed with myself that I did not get miles behind on this project.  

O lovely hexies!

I had a bit of help last night doing the final round of the border.  Somebody came to lie on my afghan, on my lap!   That put a bit of a spoke in the progress works.  But isn't he adorable?  

I am so thrilled with this afghan and will post pictures of the other two as I finish them.  That should happen this week!  Oh, I forgot to mention that my afghan measured temperatures in Chester, New Hampshire!  Just in case you were wondering.  
Have a lovely day.



  1. wow - your afghan is wonderful! I grew up cuddled under them with cats. isn't this New England weather crazy?

  2. that's fantastic! I've never seen one done with hexies. so cool! I think about doing one but was thinking rows. nice work!

  3. Congratulation Chantal on this lovely finish AND on keeping on top of these hexi projects. WOW! Three! You rock!! ;^)

  4. You should be very proud of this project. What a contemporary look just based on temperatures. It's amazing.

  5. LOVE your afghan. I had great intentions of making a hexie version but couldn't decide on fabrics. Some day! I would be super fun to have several people across the US make something with the same yarn or fabric or ?? and then compare at the end.