Thursday, March 9, 2017

Knitted Cushion Cover!

I really like the look of knitted Cushion covers.  I decided to knit one as I had a pillow form lying around without a cover.  I used I Love This Yarn in Linen from Hobby Lobby. 

I knitted a long strip and then folded it and stitched up the sides.  The buttons are natural wooden buttons made by my son.  I am happy with how the cover turned out.  I might have to make another one!!!

I finished the third temperature afghan and am waiting for the weather to co-operate for a photo shoot.

I thank you for visiting and hope you are having a lovely day.



  1. That pillow is lovely. It looks just like a cabled sweater. The buttons add a special touch especially since your son handmade them! Can't wait to see the third temperature afghan!

  2. It is gorgeous! I like the button detail too!