Sunday, April 2, 2017

This and That!

I have been doing a bunch of sewing and finishing little to show.  I did however make a pincushion which is so very cute.  You know when you see something and just have to drop everything else you are working on to make it?  Well that happened with this cute little guy.  The pattern is available at  Thank you for the lovely pattern!  It was so much fun to make.  The shell is English Paper Pieced.  

Look at his cute little tail!

A fussy cut bird to keep him company!  All the fabrics came from my scrap stash.  I am truly not sure how I am going to be able to stick pins into him.  Such a fun afternoon make.

An old project becomes new again.  I have not touched my POTC project in more than two years.  I took it out the other day to look at the blocks that I have completed and got inspired to work on it again.  So I made this block!

And this one....

Yesterday was the 1st of April and this happened in New Hampshire.  It snowed the whole Friday and Saturday.  Yesterday afternoon the hubster and I had to do ALOT of shoveling.  

After all that work I felt like pancakes drowned in Maple Syrup made up the road from where we live.  So good with fresh strawberries and a bit of cream.  Sure hit the spot.

I hope you are getting some stitching done.
Thank you for visiting.


  1. those pancakes look yummy! beautiful sewing too. I made a similar turtle years ago, I think it was an Anni Downs pattern, I'll have to look! he's so cute

  2. Love your new turtle. I dare you to push a pin into his back! He's way to adorable. Need to find him another job like holding down a few magazines. :^D The POTC blocks are awesome. Enjoy! ;^)

  3. What a sweet post! You just have to go where the mind and heart takes you even if that means starting something new. The pincushion is delightful and your POTC blocks are done so creatively with your fabric selections. Hope the snow has melted and spring is close by.

  4. What a nice pincushion! love the fussy cute bird and the tiny tail.
    Nice looking EPP blocks those stripes look dynamic!