Sunday, July 2, 2017

Placemats for my Boy!

My twins graduated from college in May.  My son got a good Engineering job in Charleston so my daughter and I went to help him move into his first apartment.  We drove from NH to SC - some 1000+ miles.  I do love a road trip.  We worked hard but also got an opportunity to do some touristy things.  I came home with an order for a set of placemats.  I love it when the kids place an order for something quilty from me.  Here we are standing outside his front door.

I chose a fabric called neighborhood because I had it on hand, it has his favorite colors in it and somehow it reminds me of Charleston!

See the cluster of row houses in the second stripe from the top?  Reminds me of Rainbow Row.

One of our touristy things was to go to Pounce Cat Cafe and Wine Bar.  Hence the row of cat fabric.  Fantastic place.  You have to book.  When you arrive you get a drink and then go through to the cat lounge.  You can play with the kitties and interact with them.  They are all up for adoption.  I think they have found homes for over 200 cats since opening in December 2016.

I had fun making these four placemats.

I made four coasters to match.  The box went in the mail yesterday.  I sure hope the boy likes them.

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  1. Congrats to both of them! I know he'll love that awesome package!

  2. congratulations to them both and what an exciting time.
    your placemats look great!

  3. Congratulations to the twin! Congratulations to you for having twin. We have a predilection in my family for twins and I prayed I was not destined to be the mother of twin. One at a time was work enough for me. Congrats on your cute placemats. I love the fabric you used and the reasons behind it too. Awesome!! ;^)

  4. Super cute! Love the matching coasters!