Monday, June 26, 2017

This and That!

I managed to complete another modern Patchwork of the crosses.  I really enjoy making these blocks.  The prep time when you do fussy cutting is fairly long.  Picking and choosing and then making sure you can get enough blocks from the pattern repeats you have available.  Fun stuff indeed.  

Yesterday was a beautiful day in New Hampshire and we decided to take a drive along the coast and stop at various points to soak up the beauty of the sea on a sunny day.  We did stop on the way home for coffee and cake!  

Now that summer seems to be here I love to make frozen grapes for a snack.  Sprinkle them lightly with jello powder, place into snack bags and put them in the freezer.  You have a wonderfully refreshing treat ready to go.

We were sitting outside last evening and the clouds were just beautiful at sunset.  A storm was coming in and there were so many colors in the cloud formations.  Photo's never do sunsets justice.  

I hope you have a good day and thank you for stopping by for a visit.



  1. Beautiful cross. Love the little birds in there. Happy to see you in blogland again. Enjoy the nice weather. ;^)

  2. I know fussy cutting seems to take a lot of extra time but the extra dramatic affect is well worth it. Your block is so interesting and complex. Great job!

  3. your block is so striking!
    i used to love frozen grapes. what does the jello do?
    beautiful photos.

  4. The fussy cutting is well worth it - such a lovely block! Gorgeous photos of your day out and the sunset. I've never tried frozen grapes before - must do that next summer :-)