Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Little Something from Nothing!!!

 I am currently working on a Road to Tennessee quilt!  The pattern can be found on Moda Bake Shop!  You need charm squares and smaller square to sew to two apposite corners of the charm square.
 Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner across the small square!
 Place them on the charm square, pin and sew following your drawn diagonal line.
 Here comes the fun part.  This blog is not about the Road to Tennessee quilt but about the leftovers.  When you trim your triangle points off, what do you do with them?  They probably get swept into the trash can!  Your scraps cost as much as your yardage!!!  So what to do with them?
 I took them over to my machine and stitched the long sides string piece fashion!
 Once done, separate them and iron the square open with the seam towards the printed fabric.  Clip the little ears off.   They will be your only scraps from this projects and since they are so small I don't mind throwing them out.
 Next, you take the little squares and stitch them together into rows.  Iron them so that when you are sewing your rows together, the seams will interlock.
 Next, pin every interlocking seam after making sure that they match up evenly and stitch your row together.
 See!! Now isn't that cute!!  When I am finished with this project, it will be a doll quilt.  I plan to put borders around it.  I feel good about not having to throw out fabric!!!
If you are interested, the fabric I am using is "It's a Hoot" for the charm squares, and a Moda Solid in a pale yellow (Butter)!!
Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

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