Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some Yummy Yarn and Fabric

 Hello!  I have a couple of things to share!!!  Firstly, I bought some fancy yarn to knit a scarf with.  There are signs of fall in Texas.  Our highs are dipping into the upper 70's for a change!!!  Can you believe I am thinking of scarves.  This is the knitting and crochet season for me.  So, isn't this red yarn just too yummy?  Every row is a knit row (6 stitches only) and look how sublime the scarf is.  It looks so much more complicated than it really is!!!
Secondly, I bought some fabric from work today.  Have I mentioned that I don't bring much money home!!!  This fabric is Sunrise Silhouette by Jo Moulton.  I absolutely love Roosters.  I see a table runner and some place mats and mug rugs in my future.  The colors are so rich!!!  Just beautiful.
I hope you are all well and your projects are progressing fabulously.  Thanks for stopping by!  Talk to you soon.

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  1. Love your red yarn! My mom is an awesome knitter and we always hit yarn shops along with the quilt shops. There are so many yummy yarns out there - makes me wish for more time!