Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Tree Prepped!!!

Hello folks!!!  Hope this blog post finds everybody well and getting into the spirit of the holiday season. We put up our Christmas Tree yesterday - hauled it out the roof, dusted and fluffed the branches, tested a bunch of light strands (the most UN-fun activity of setting up the tree) put the lights in the tree, wound the tinsel and now it is ready for the ornaments.  The kids never enjoy this process of setting up the tree, so my husband and I do it and then the kids come along to decorate.  I have to say that two of my boys tested the light strands, so give them their due!!!
Tonight we will make hot chocolate, put on some Christmas music and decorate the tree!!!  Can't wait.
The bauble in the first photo is a decoration I made for the tree this year.  Finished it last night.  It is made from yoyo's using the Clover YO-YO maker (small).  Lots or corsage pins and some pearls from the craft store. The yoyo's are pinned into a foam ball - I prefer these to styrofoam balls as they can be quiet messy!  I also use an ornament glue to be sure the pins don't wiggle out of the ball!!  Not sure if it is necessary, but I do it anyway!!!
Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day!

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