Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gobble, gobble, gobble!!!

 Hello!  I don't know what happens to the days.  They sure do fly by!!!  Yesterday felt like Thanksgiving to me.  You see, my two sons came home from college for Thanksgiving break!!!  It was so good to go to the airport and fetch them.  I had a pot of Chicken Noodle soup ready - made from scratch!!!  It's a tradition that they started when my oldest started his first year.  He missed my chicken noodle soup the most of all the dishes I make.  They reckon it can grow back a limb it's so good!  Anyway, this is what the table looked like before we left for the airport!!!
I also finished my turkey penny rug!  I think he is really cute.  It's good he is done because the Christmas decorations are about to come out in a few days time.  Now I can start some Christmas decorations.  That is an activity I look so forward to every year!

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