Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Fall Centerpiece!

 My sweet sewing buddy and I decided we needed a quick fall project - something to make and finish really quickly in amongst our other huge slow projects.  This centerpiece required 16 different fabrics, so we decided we would each make two sets of 8 and then swap a set!  I love swapping with Joy because our tastes are the same but we have different fabrics.
 Here are my two sets, basted and ready!
 Three of the hexagons have a little motif embroidered onto them!  A pumpkin, an acorn and a leaf.
Next you stitch them all together!
 Then you layer the centerpiece with your batting and backing and machine stitch all around the perimeter leaving an opening for turning.
 When you are done, quilt as desired.  I just outline stitched.
 This cute pattern comes from Quilts and More magazine.
We have now decided to make a Christmas one, maybe a Valentines one, a St Patrick's Day one, an Easter one, a Fourth of July one.......