Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some more Fall!

 A little pumpkin Quilt!!!
 My turkey Penny Rug!  Isn't he a fine fellow?
 Sorry about the really bad lighting in this picture.  The crow is really a handsome fellow.  I'm sorry you can't see just how handsome he is.
 Ripple stitch afghan in halloween colors!
 More crows!  I just love them.
First part of round seven waiting to be stitched down! I'm beginning to ask myself if this project will ever end!
I'm slowly plugging away at projects this week.  Hopefully you are too!


  1. Great projects.Don´t know which my favorite but the last one caught my eyes!

  2. great decorations. i really like the turkey penny rug, he is a fine fellow!!
    your table runner looks great.