Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

 My family and I really enjoy history!  Jan Patek published a book with a quilt pattern which uses flag blocks from the American Revolution!  Over the years my son has collected replica flags like the ones in the pattern.  I was so thrilled to find the book and decided it was begging me to make it!
 The first block is 3 Crescents of South Carolina!  I picked this one first as a nod to all three of my sons who attend college in Charleston.
 The green tree is The Pine Tree Flag.
 The second tree block is Appeal to Heaven.  General George Washington used this flag for the Continental Navy and was partly a symbol and partly a prayer.

 We had to travel to Oklahoma for my daughter's college orientation.  Here I am stitching away, sitting on the hotel bed.  Pure bliss!  No housework and no cooking.  Just stitching.

 The flag with the "76" on it is the Bennington Flag.  That was a fun, quick one to stitch.
 The last picture is of one of the connecting blocks - one of five to make.  So getting a start on those so that I don't have to make five one after the other and get bored with them.

This is a very interesting pattern to work on.  I aim to get it done by the 4th of July.  My friend Joy and I have challenged one another to get this beauty done by then.
Happy stitching!

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