Monday, September 2, 2013

English Paper Piecing!

Moda released a really pretty line called Mimi, by Chez Moi!  It is a really pretty floral which has a vintage feel to it. We are in the process of making a guest bedroom!!!  My eldest son got married and my other three kiddo's are away at college.  Now we need a guest bedroom so that those married kids can stay with us when they come to visit.  Of course now I need to make a quilt for the bedroom.   I am not sure what this pattern is called but it uses elongated hexagons with a square.  The square in the center is surrounded by the hexagon shapes.  It is not a pattern I have done before, so am really excited to try out a new one.
Here is a close view of the shapes!  Simple, but effective.  The Y-seam is a piece of cake with the assembly being EPP.
Not sure how big this quilt is going to be so I got two jelly rolls.  The solid pink fabric is not from the line.  It is a color called Tea Rose and Connecting Threads sells it.
Here is some of my progress.  I think it is going to be really pretty.
This is the yardage I bought for the pillow cases.  I have chosen a really pale green for the walls in the bedroom!  I will start painting soon.  I can't wait to see it come together.  

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  1. How pretty! EPP is fun isn't it? I should think about starting another project.
    Love your colors