Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cushions for my Sofa!

At the beginning of this month we redid our family room.  Everything was looking worn and sad.  We had our sectional for 11 years.  It saw my young family grow up onto young adults.  Many a nap was taken on the sofa after a hectic school day or a hard football practice.  The support had all but gone out of the springs.  The walls had been painted around the same time as we got our sectional.  So a makeover was in order.  I bought a beautiful paint color called "Ivory" and painted the room.  The ceiling got painted white and the trim work too.  We replaced the dusty, rusty air vents and a horrible little light in the small hallway leading to our bedroom.  After all this work, I needed some cushions for the sofa.  I pulled my colors from our rug.  I think they turned out well.  I cut out a 2" hexagon and backed it with fusible batting.  I lay it out on the wrong side of co-ordinating fabric and cut 1" away from the hexagon. Next step was to iron the sides in half and then fold over to the yellow hexagon.  Work your way around the perimeter doing one side at a time.
 Next, you will want to stitch the background fabric down with your sewing machine.
 Lay out your hexagons in a pleasing fashion.
Stitch them together as you would a normal paper pieced flower.
I placed the completed flower off center onto my background fabric and stitched it down with the sewing machine.  Next I quilted straight lines using my walking foot to follow the contour of the hexagons.   When you are done, make the backing and bind the two together.
 Pillow 2!
 A view of the sofa's sporting their new pillows.


  1. Very nice - I especially like that the rosettes are off center!

  2. So creative and cute! Best of all, something else to do with hexies! I think my sofa could use a few new pillow friends...

  3. A wonderful Idea.
    Your pillows look great.

    Greetings, Manuela

  4. Love your pillows and am tempted to make one for myself!

  5. Your room looks so comfy and calming and I do love hexis made that way.....they look perfect on the cushions you've made too.