Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Little Bag of Hexies!

I seem to happen upon things when I am hunting for something else.  I came across this little ziploc with some hexies in it.  I remember that it was supposed to become a centerpiece many moons ago.  It is a Valentines project judging by the fabric.  Excellent timing I would say!
I took the contents out of the baggie and realized that I had not even cut out all the required pieces.  By some small miracle I knew exactly where the fabric was!  So I got stuck in and cut out the rest of the pieces.
I have 6 hexies basted which means I have 14 left to baste and then stitch them all together.  It is one of my favorite patterns for a centerpiece.  I think I did not have all of them basted as I wanted to embroider some of them... - no, I just want to get them done!  Watch this space.  In a couple of days I will have the project completed and that will be my first UFO of the year.  Thanks for stopping by to visit.


  1. Congrats on finding the project in time to finish for Valentine's!!

  2. Oh my, I know what you mean! I have been guilty of the "intend to finish this later" syndrome. Those are really pretty fabrics and I just know they are going to make a very nice centerpiece!

  3. What a fun fine! very cute theme