Saturday, September 10, 2016

Another Finished Top!

In my quest to finish half started projects, I have finished Double Diamonds.  It is a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern made from Blueberry Park.

I really like this fabric.  See all the snowballing that had to happen?  Well of course I saved all the triangles and sewed them into half triangle squares.  My waste will become yet another wall hanging.

I had four very ripe bananas and because my baking daughter is away at college, I had to get stuck in myself and put those puppies to good use.  

I hope you are all having a nice day.


  1. oh that's beautiful! Nice job saving those extra HST! And the banana bread, I can almost smell it through the screen. Yummy!

  2. Congratulations on the finish of this beautiful top. It is so lovely. I really dig those colours; very citrus with a touch of passion fruit I think. Love it! ;^)

  3. Those are indeed such pretty fabrics for a pretty quilt! Any bread left? I can be "right" over to help you eat it. I haven't made myself some in a while now...

  4. The quilt is beautiful! I liked the pattern and I liked the fabric/colors. And the banana bread looks yummy! :)

  5. great fabrics and fun quilt.
    MMMmmmm banana bread. I love to toast it and add butter or make french toast with it. mmmmm

  6. Yay! Another finished quilt top. The fabrics with the white background just pop in this playful pattern. Enjoy your yummy bread.