Friday, September 30, 2016

I Went to the Basement and a Baste!

I went down to the Basement looking for a piece of fabric I knew was down there for a backing.  I found the fabric and then came across a quilt I had started Foundation Paper Piecing a couple of years ago.  The bag contained all the fabric and most of it was already cut out.  I thought I would take it upstairs and finish it.  

I took it upstairs and started unpacking the bag looking at all the pieces etc and found to my horror that I had only made ONE block.  Well, if I hadn't have cut all the fabric out I would have made it into a cushion cover and called it a day.  So, I started making blocks and am really enjoying the FPP again.  It is a Christmas quilt and might just be done in time for Christmas.

I basted a quilt yesterday all ready to start quilting.  It is a fall quilt of tumblers - fairly big tumblers in fall fabric from my stash.  I used a new to me method of basting.  I rolled the backing, batting and top onto individual plumbing tubes covered in foam which my dear husband helped me make.  I thought I would be sitting at the dining room table basting this but it turns out this quilt was too large for that so I still did it on the floor but it was so much more manageable.  I usually use another person to help me layer the quilt, but all my chickens are away.  So I have had to come up with a method where I can keep the whole sandwich taught and straight.  This worked like a champion.  I have kitties that love to help by walking all over the layered quilt making it wonky.
I hope you are having a good week and I wish you a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for visiting.


  1. Love the blocks you found in the basement. It will be a very beautiful quilt for Christmas for sure. Don't you just love helpful kitties, lol. ;^)

  2. It appears you got right on to sewing your unexpected quilting project. The colors are bright and modern and you really could have it done by Christmas. Glad that the basting method was successful. It the part I dislike the most

  3. At first I thought you were going to say the furkids acted as anchors when quilt basting. LOL!! Love those tumbler fabrics and the Christmas quilt has such movement. I'm glad you're going to finish it :)

  4. great ufo to finish. Funny how we remember things.
    Oh, my knees and back hurt just thinking of you basting on the floor.
    Great tumbler project